About us

Mainawati Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd. is an industrial unit under vishal group. Vishal group Ltd. is a leading commercial house of Nepal with a number of industrial & bussiness units. Mainawati Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd. is managed by board of directors which is headed by a chairman. Management of Mainawati Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd. has a long experience in industry and trading that is amply reflected in the proficiency by which the organization is being presently run.

Mainawati Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1995.Ever since its inception, the company, adhering to the strict and rigorous norms that come with quality and consistent performance, has earned the status of becoming the country’s leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of steel products. These products cover a variety of contruction materials that include Steel Black Pipes, Plates, Galvanized Pipes, Steel Hollow Squares, Rectangular Sections, Cold Formed Angles & Channels, Steel Tubular and Telescopic Poles and Steel Towers which all conform to domestic standard norms and internation specifications. From the time of its initiation, Mainawati Steel Industries has been living up to the challenging demands of supplying to local as well as export markets. The company’s share in the local markets has witnessed a rising trend over the years and has helped the country by reducting dependence on constly imports and has, retroactively, saved precious foreign exchange.


"Mainawati Steel's mission is to create a steel company which can deliver diversified products of steel under one roof with high quality standards at the most reasonable and affordable price to all its consumer."


Mainawati Steel will become one of the largest G.I. Pipes and other necessary fabricated steel items in terms of volume and diversify product and will be recognized for its professional & caring management. We shall fulfill the needs & expectation of share holders, customer and community (Society).

Quality Policy

Mainawti Steel Industries has made quality an essential part of its bussiness. We shall manufacture & market high quality tubes and fabrication works that not only meet customer requirement but exceed their expectation. Continual productivity improvement is what we will strive for by constantly improving quality of our product and reducing rework, rejection & wastage. Trained and motivated work force will be our strength which will lead us towards achieving our quality policy & objectives.