Mainawati Steel Limited has been set up to penetrate the following markets at the mentioned capacities:

Tubes & Pipes - 25000 MT/Annum 25,000 MT/annum

Distribution and Transmission LIne Telescopic Poles 4,000 MT/annum

Galvanized Portable Steel Bridges 2,500 MT/annum

Transmission and Distribution Line Fittings & Hardware 3,000 MT/annum

Screws and Fasteners 1,500 MT/annum

Steel Structurals for electrical sub-stations and similar works 3,000 MT/annum

Units and Facilities of the Steel Fabrication Plant The Steel Fabrication Plant of Mainawati Steel Limited accommodaties the factory complex together with ancillary units and facilites as listed below:

  • Covered Factory Complex (housing & main production facilites)
  • Machine Shop
  • Independent Office Complex
  • Guard Room & Gate House
  • Substation & Generator Room
  • Deep Tube-well
  • Underground Water Reservoir
  • Water Distribution Network (Covers the entire plant premises)
  • Crane System (for easy handling of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products)
  • Raw Material Storage Facility
  • Mechanized Trolley Transfer Facility (transfers finished products to Galvanizing and storage yard)
  • Mechanized Gantry Crane in the Storage Yard
  • Stacking Space for Finished Products
  • Steel Pole Testing Bed
  • Product Delivery Gangway
  • Washroom Building (for workers use only)